Carrier Approval Criteria

NEW CARRIER SETUP TEMPLATE: To setup a new Carrier, the Carrier Sales Rep must send the following to, along with the required documentation:

- Carrier Name

- MC #:

- Contact Name:

- Phone:

- Email:

- Fax:

- Order #:

- Load type (reefer, dry, etc):

- Hazardous? (Y/N)

DOCUMENTATION: Carrier must complete the Carrier Setup Packet and return the following:

- Contract with all 7 pages initialed and the last page signed

- Electronic Signatures are acceptable

- US DOT Authority

- Proof of Cargo and Auto Liability Insurance

- W-9 with signature

- 3 Broker/Trade References




APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS: Carrier must meet or exceed the following thresholds to be approved:

- AGE: At least 6 months old preferred

- SAFETY RATING: Satisfactory or None


a. NOT approved if BOTH HOS Compliance and Unsafe Driving scores are over 90

b. NOT approved if 3 or more scores exceed 90

c. NOT approved if Serious Violation Indicators ('SVIs') are present


a. Auto Liability coverage limit ≥ $1,000,000

b. Motor Truck Cargo coverage limit  ≥ $100,000

i. Refrigeration breakdown coverage when applicable

c. Insurance Provider Ratings ≥ A- VII or Not Rated


a. Examples: Claim evasion, holding loads hostage, double brokering, false updates/ lies, theft, extortion, etc.

- VERIFICATION OF CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone number and email address or fax number

- REFERENCES: At least 3 broker or trade references provided



- Less than 6 months old

a. Approved for One Time Use, put on DNU after booking

b. Contact info must be verified and carrier must provide at least 3 references with phone numbers

c. Override Policy applies

- 3 months old or less

a. Management approval required

b. Contact info must be verified and at least 1 good reference recorded before allowing carrier to be booked

c. Override Policy applies

- SMS Scores:

a. BOTH HOS Compliance and Unsafe Driving are 90 or higher → Not Approved

i. If HOSC or Unsafe Driving are 90 or above, and one other category is 90 or above → Approved

b. 3 scores 90 or higher in any category → Not Approved

c. Override Policy does not apply

d. 'Crash Indicator' is not an approved SMS category and does not factor into analysis of SMS scores

- Serious Violation Indicators

a. 1 SVI → One Time Use, put on DNU after booking

b. 2 or more SVIs → Management approval required 

i. Carrier Admin must send list of serious violations and date they occured

c. Override Policy applies

- Serious* Freightguard or Watchdog Reports within the past 6 months

a. One Time Use, put on DNU after booking

b. Send screenshots of reports in email back to Carrier Sales Rep

c. Override Policy applies

*Recent reports will not automatically place a carrier on DNU. Carrier Admin will determine the severity of the report and make a decision about whether or not to place on DNU   

- Insurance Provider Ratings too Low

a. If rating is B++ or lower → Not Approved

i. Customer insurance rating requirements may be factored into one-time use decision. See Google Spreadsheet “Customer Safety & Ins Requirements (Contractual)”

b. If Cargo provider is Canal Insurance Company → Not Approved

c. Override Policy does not apply

- Internal Service Failures

a. Management approval required

b. Override Policy applies

- Conditional

a. Management may only approve use if load is HOT (must pick up within 2 hours), and enough calls have been made. Appropriate number of calls is at management discretion

b. Override Policy does not apply

ACTION REQUIRED: When sending the carrier code, or taking the carrier off DNU, the Carrier Sales Manager and Customer Distribution List must cc'd on the email. "Macropoint and Driver Contact Required" may be included depending on severity of red flags

- CC’ing the Carrier Sales Manager and Customer Distribution List allows for visibility and gives the Account Owner the opportunity to reject to the use of the carrier. It facilitates open communication regarding the use of carriers who do not meet our approval requirements


Override Approval Policy

Carriers are eligible to be released for open booking if they have serviced 5 loads in 3 consecutive months with no issues. These carriers a generally young, have recent FreightGuard or Watchdog reports, SVIs, or old internal service failures

a. On time pick up and delivery

b. Good communication/ check calls

c. Paperwork submitted in timely fashion

Any negative change in safety rating, scores, SVIs, or reports will result in the carrier being placed back on DNU and the Override Approval conditions must once again be met before the carrier is re-released for open booking


Carrier Sales Rep: It is the responsibility of the Carrier Sales Rep to notify the Carrier Admin that they are booking a carrier on DNU regularly, and request override approval for open booking

Carrier Admin: It is the responsibility of the Carrier Admin to verify a carrier's approval status and update the carrier's record accordingly. The Carrier Admin will verify a carrier's approval status using the Carrier Lane History function in KeyPoint.

Example Carrier Record Comments Tab Note:



'Shell' Booking Criteria

WHEN: A 'shell' is built for new carrier setups after hours, late in the day, or when all required carrier documents are not immediately available, but there is urgency to get the carrier a rate confirmation to hold them accountable for servicing the load


1. Current and valid insurance certificate - Either submitted direct from carrier, or downloaded from DAT Carrier Watch

2. Contact info verified against Carrier411

3. Management Approval if ...

i. Conditional

ii. 3 months old or less

iii. 2 or more SVIs


1. The Carrier Sales Rep is responsible for removing the pick up number from the order entry before sending the carrier the rate confirmation.

i. The pick up number may only be provided, and the carrier only allowed to take control of the freight, AFTER Carrier Admin (or Carrier Sales Manager) has received and verified all required carrier documentation

a. The Carrier Sales Manager is responsible for policing this policy and ensuring carriers do not take possession of our customer's freight before all requirements have been met

CONSEQUENCES:  If it is discovered that this rule was not followed (ie. The carrier takes possession of the freight before returning all required documentation), the sales rep forfeits full commission on the order

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Creating a New Carrier Record

Import the mc number

Keypoint Dashboard → Records → Carrier Records → Import 

Copy/Paste the MC number from the New Carrier Setup Template into 'Search For' → click 'Find Carrier'

 [Keypoint pulls the carrier's data from DAT Carrier Watch:]

NOTE: The first line of the Carrier Record on the Name/Address tab should always reflect the Carrier's DBA name (Doing Business As). For example, if their legal name is "1254576 Ontario Inc," but are doing business as "Mark's Trucks," the first line of the Carrier Record should read MARK'S TRUCKS. The address should be moved down one space, and the carrier's legal name should be added directly below their DBA name. 

enter contact information

Department is always 'Operations'

Check 'Primary' box → Tab all the way through

Click 'update'

go to the insurance tab

Remember the Cargo and Liability insurance carriers

If the Cargo amount is greater than $100,000 → Put '+' in Flag 2 on the Information tab

go to the comments tab

Copy and paste the setup template, check the Comments Flag box

Add Insurance Providers and their AMBest ratings: [Insurance Scores Tracking Spreadsheet or]

If rating is B++ or worse 









go to the Name/Address tab → Copy MC# → Paste in CARRIER411, TIA WATCHDOG, and NEW CARRIER setups TRACKING SPREADSHEET

Tracking Spreadsheet → Add date, copy and paste the carrier's code

TIA Watchdog

If report dated within past 6 months, enter comments


XX/XX/XX: [copy/paste, or summarize comments] CARRIER RESPONSE- [copy/paste, or summarize comments] or 'NO RESPONSE FROM CARRIER'


Click the 'Start Monitoring' button, then go to the end of the page and scroll up

FMCSA Authority Status

1. Less than 6 months old?

i. Yes → Add beneath [DATE] **LESS THAN 6 MONTHS OLD**- UNTIL XX/XX/XX

FMCSA Carrier Safety Rating

1. Add Safety Rating next to RATING

BASIC Performance Measure Percentile Scores

1. Default is N/A

2. If any Percentile Score is 90 or higher, remove N/A and add details

i. Example: SMS VEHICLE MAIN 92.8%

a. Categories should be written as follows: UNSAFE DRIVING, HOSC, VEHICLE MAIN, CONTROLLED SUB, DRIVER FITNESS

3. If 2 scores are over 90, but only one is in HOSC or Unsafe Driving → Approved for use

4. If BOTH HOSC and Unsafe Driving are over 90 → NOT Approved → Put carrier on DNU

i. Example: HOSC 94.3%, UNSAFE DRIVING 92.6%**

ii. Add beneath [DATE] **NOT APPROVED**- SCORES

5. 3 or more scores over 90 in any category → NOT Approved → Put carrier on DNU

i. Add beneath [DATE] **NOT APPROVED**- SCORES

FMCSA SMS BASIC Performance Measures

1. Any Serious Violation Indicators?

i. If yes, add to SMS

a. Example: SMS HOSC 93.2%, CONTROLLED SUB SVI**

ii. Add SVI details from link 'View Complete SMS Profile'


iii. 1 SVI → Add beneath [DATE] **ONE TIME USE**- SVIs → Put on DNU after booking

iv. 2 or more SVIs → Add beneath [DATE] **APPROVAL NEEDED**- SVIs

SmartWay Transport Partner (right side of the screen)

1. Add to SMARTWAY → YES or NO

i. If YES → add an “S” to the third flag box on the Information tab.  This is for reporting purposes.

Fleet Overview (right side of the screen)

1. Power Units → Add to Information Tab in 'Number Units' box

                    Goal: memorize safety rating, smartway, and                     power units, then add to carrier record

FMCSA Contact Information

1. Cross-reference contact info provided in setup template

2. Phone number, email address, and/or fax number match? Where was the paperwork sent from?

i. If nothing matches, cross-reference from General Information Form

a. Still no matches? → Call phone number listed on Carrier411 and verify the contact person in the setup template actually works for the carrier, or dispatches for them.

b. Goal is to verify the carrier is who they claim to be; no one has stolen the carrier's identity

3. Update spreadsheet columns- Monitoring on 411? And Phone# Verified?

FreightGuard Reports

1. Located in the top right corner of the screen

2. If report is less than 180 days old, read and determine if transgression(s) are Serious → If Serious, add beneath [DATE] **ONE TIME USE**- RECENT REPORT → Put on DNU after booking

i. Enter the report comments at the end of the Comments Tab notes


XX/XX/XX: [copy/paste, or summarize reported comments] CARRIER RESPONSE- [copy/paste, or summarize response from reported company] or 'NO RESPONSE FROM CARRIER'

3. If there are 3 or more reports within the past 180 days → Management approval is required

4. If reports are older than 180 days → Approved

download attachments from gmail

Combine all files into one PDF with the setup packet/contract first

Verify All Documents and Required Information has been submitted

1. References (Broker/Trade, at least 3)

2. Contract (All 7 pages, initialed and signed)

i. Any Changes to the Contract?

a. Yes: Summarize at end of comments tab under 'CONTRACT CHANGES'

- Add **CONTRACT CHANGES** beneath [DATE] → Notify the Risk & Compliance Manager

- The Risk & Compliance Manager will review the changes and determine if they are acceptable. If changes are not acceptable, carrier can not be used. Negations between Risk & Compliance Manager and the Carrier's legal counsel may be required. See Risk & Compliance Manger for more information

3. Authority (Issued by US DOT)

i. Must have correct name, MC number, and effective date

4. W-9 (Or equivalent; W-8)

i. Must have correct name, EIN and Signature

5. Insurance Certificate

i. Must have valid expiration date and coverage levels

ii. If carrier is hauling a Refrigerated “Reefer” load they must have Reefer Breakdown coverage

Save paperwork to paperwise

Save file to \\trans-srv\data\Shared\Carrier Paperwork. Name should be the Carrier Code

Go to the External Hard Drive, open the file and print to ‘Print to Paperwise’

Open KeyPoint. From the Carrier Record → Documents button → Index with Send To

1. Paperwise Program → Doc Type drop down → Pick appropriate option → Click 'Current' at bottom of page to save

i. If all required docs are in one file → Choose 'Contract'

ii. If authority, insurance, and W-9 only → Choose 'Authority'

iii. NOTE: Only save an insurance certificate as 'Insurance' if T1 is listed as certificate holder with our correct address

a. Sample certificates should be saved with blank doc type


At least 3 references must be provided by the carrier. They will either be on the General Information Form, included in the carrier's documents, added in a separate file, or copy/pasted into the email chain

1. References are only required to be called and recorded if the carrier is 3 months old or less. Multiple calls/attempts may be required. It is Carrier Admin’s discretion to call references for carriers with other ‘red flags’ (contact info questionable, high scores, SVIs, etc.)

i. "When was the carrier setup with you/ How long have you been working with them?"

ii. "How many loads have they moved for you?"

iii. "Would you say they are reliable/ Have you had any issues with them hauling your loads?"

iv. Record the name of the person giving the reference

v. Reference details should be in this format: Person Name @ Carrier Name: Reference Notes

2. T1 is looking for broker or trade references, not credit or bank references

i. No truck repair/service centers

Backup References if carrier-provided references are unreachable

CH Robinson: 800-326-9977 options 1, 3, 3 

Allen Lund: 800-811-0083

Sunteck: 800-759-7910 x6

Giltner: 208-644-9090 x3

Jerue: 863-607-5693 / 800-333-0952

Scott Logistics: 706-314-1263

XPO: 855-744-7976 x9

Canned Response: Reference Request

Subject: Reference Request for [CARRIER NAME] ( [MC #] )


Transportation One is requesting a carrier reference for [CARRIER NAME] out of [CITY, STATE]. If you could please answer the following questions that would be wonderful. Please respond to this email, direct to, or fax to 312-284-4946. Thank you!

1. Active in your system? Y/N

2. Set up date- xx/xx/xx

3. # Loads hauled- xxx

4. Most recent load- xx/xx/xx


5. Reliable? Y/N

6. Any major issues?

7. Any other comments?

Click UPDATE to Save

completing the setup

Once references have been called, contact info verified, Carrier411 checked, and all paperwork received → email the carrier sales rep the Carrier Code

1. Carrier Code Format: First 3 letters of the carrier name + First two letters of the city + State abbreviation

i. Example: Transport Carrier, Inc in Township, Missouri = TRATOMO

ii. Auto-populated in Keypoint, can not be changed


Update the remaining fields in the

New Carrier Setups Tracking Spreadsheet

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Sending the Certificate Holder Request

create new email

Insert canned response for certificate request

Canned Response: Certificate Request for 

To: Insurance Producer (top right section of Accord certificate). Send to email and fax number if available 

Subject: Certificate Request for [paste carrier's name from carrier record]

Body: Hello,

I would like to request Transportation One be listed as certificate holder for [CARRIER NAME].

If the insured has a Scheduled Autos auto liability policy, please provide the full schedule list.

If the insured has Refrigeration Breakdown coverage, please ensure this is noted on the certificate and provide the full policy endorsement for our records.

Additionally, please include a list of exclusions on the cargo policy. (i.e exclusions for shortage, non-delivery, user error of refrigeration unit, specific commodities, etc)

Certificate Holder Name and Address:

Transportation One LLC

770 N. Halsted St. Ste 501

Chicago, IL 60642

Please send the signed certificate to

Transportation One operates as a brokerage.

Thank you,

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Saving Insurance Certificates

Save all "T1 AS CERT-HOLDER" insurance certificates to the individual carrier's record

1. Make sure Transportation One is listed as certificate holder with the correct address

i. Bottom left corner of standard Accord certificate

2. These certificates will be emailed or faxed directly from the insurance producer/broker


Save file to \\trans-srv\data\Shared\Carrier Paperwork. Name should be ‘[Carrier Code] ins’

Go to the External Hard Drive, open the file and print to ‘Print to Paperwise’

Open KeyPoint. From the Carrier Record → Documents button → Index with Send To

1. Paperwise Program → Doc Type drop down → ‘Insurance’ → Click 'Current' at bottom of page to save

4. Check certificate for...

i. Cargo- Refrigeration Breakdown Coverage?

a. If Yes: Add '- REEFER INCLUDED' next to cargo provider rating on the Comments Tab

ii. Cargo- Coverage Amount greater than $100,000?

a. If Yes: Add '+' to flag 2 on the Information Tab

iii. Auto Liability- Policy Type?

a. Add next to liability provider rating on the Comments Tab: '- SCHEDULED AUTOS' / 'ANY AUTOS' / 'OWNED, NON-OWNED, HIRED AUTOS'


Update the New Carrier Setup Tracking Spreadsheet


Update the Carrier Record's Comments Tab

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FreightGuard and Watchdog Report Analysis

Carrier Admin will review and record all reports less than 6 months old

If the reported transgressions are deemed 'Serious', the Carrier will put on DNU, One Time Use approval

Non-Serious Transgressions

1. 'Booking and Looking'

2. Poor communication/ few driver status updates

3. Falling off a load last minute

Serious Transgressions

1. Multiple reports of the same issues

2. Claims evasion

3. Holding a load hostage / extortion for more money after pick up 

4. False updates/ lies 

5. Double-brokering

6. Theft

ONE TIME USE APPROVAL → When booking is requested, Carrier Admin will remove from DNU, respond with the details/comments of the report and cc the Carrier Sales Manager, and Customer Distribution List

The Carrier Sales Manager or Account Owner will advise if driver contact and macropoint are required or if they object to the use of the carrier based on the information from the reports

The Override Approval Policy applies


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Reporting a Service Failure & Requesting Online Report Submission

Applies to All Service Failures: Same-Day Fall offs, Breakdowns, Cancellations within 2 hours of pick up, No Response to Check Calls, etc. 

The Carrier Sales Rep is responsible for sending all notification criteria, below, to the Account Owner, Carrier Sales Manager, and Carrier Admin

If the service failure is reported to a member of the Tracking & Tracing team, that person is only responsible for notifying the Carrier Sales Rep who booked the load

Service Failure Notification Criteria: 

1. Carrier Code

2. Order Number

3. Date/ Time of the incident

4. Detailed description of the service failure including specific dates, times, names, and locations

5. Opinion of failure severity/ recommendation of approval status

Carrier Admin will add the note to the carrier record's Comments Tab, and depending on severity of the service failure, mark the carrier DNU

'Minor' service failure carrier record comments tab template. Entered at end of comments: 



[Date]: [Order #] [Sales Rep Initials]- [Notes]

Equipment Breakdown: If a carrier claims equipment breakdown as reason for a service failure, the Carrier Sales Rep is responsible for collecting supporting documentation, including, but not limited to repair shop receipt/invoice and pictures. 

The carrier will be placed on DNU pending receipt of supporting documentation. If it is determined that the carrier was truthful about their equipment breakdown, and supporting evidence is collected, the carrier may be released for open booking (assuming no other red flags or missing paperwork). If the carrier fails to provide supporting evidence, they will remain on DNU. If the carrier was found to be untruthful about the breakdown, they will remain on DNU.


carrier record SERVICE FAILURE template






Entered at the top of the Comments tab


Letter of Intent to File Claim/Report

Use as a warning to the carrier that a claim/report submission is imminent if they don't take immediate necessary action to rectify the situation.

Copy and paste this into your network browser → S:\CLAIMS\Templates_Blank Forms "Letter of Intent to File Claim_Template"

          or, Shared Drive → CLAIMS → Templates_Blank Forms → "Letter of Intent to File Claim_Template"

Be sure to update the template verbiage to address the specific serivce issue and resolution needed


Freightguard and WatchDog Reports

Carrier Admin will request approval from the Carrier Sales Manager to submit the service failure report via Carrier411 FreightGuard and TIA WatchDog. If Carrier Sales Manager is unavailable, Director of Operations is next in line to confirm or deny approval.

1. If approval is granted, Carrier Admin will submit the reports on both sites; Carrier411 and TIA Watchdog

i. Carrier Admin will confirm via reply to the email chain that the reports have been submitted

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Requesting Approval for Carriers on DNU

The Carrier Sales Rep will review the reason(s) the carrier in on DNU in the carrier record's Comments Tab and request missing documentation, if any, from the carrier and forward to carrieradmin@ with the approval request

Email the Carrier Code and Order Number to

Carrier Admin will check the carrier's current information on Carrier411 and TIA Watchdog and ensure current insurance is on file. Based upon Carrier Approval Criteria, Carrier Admin will either

1. Remove the carrier from DNU for open booking

a. Missing documentation has been received, rating or scores have improved, SVIs or reports have expired, age requirement has been met

2. Remove the carrier from DNU for one time use

a. Recent FreightGuard or Watchdog Report → Carrier Admin will send report comments

b. Less than 6 months old

c. 1 Serious Violation Indicator (SVI)

3. Request Management Approval

a. 3 months old or less

b. Internal service failures → Carrier Admin will send failure notes

c. 2 or more SVIs → Carrier Admin will send specific violations and date incurred

d. 3 or more serious FreightGuard or Watchdog Reports within the past 6 months

4. Deny Use

a. Conditional safety rating

b. HOSC and Unsafe Driving SMS scores exceed 90 

c. 3 or more SMS scores exceed 90

d. Insurance provider is rated B++ or lower

e. Insurance provider is Canal Insurance Company

ACTION REQUIRED from Carrier Admin: When taking a carrier off DNU, the Carrier Sales Manager and Customer Distribution List must cc'd on the email. "Macropoint and Driver Contact Required" may be included depending on severity of red flags

- CC’ing the Carrier Sales Manager and Customer Distribution List allows for visibility and gives the Account Owner the opportunity to reject to the use of the carrier. It facilitates open communication regarding the use of carriers who do not meet our approval requirements



These are notes you may see in a carrier record's Comments Tab. Carrier Approval Criteria were updated in January 2018. Some of these notes are now outdated and are no longer in use (labeled 'OLD'). You may still see them if the record has not been updated since January 2018. New notes implemented January 2018 are labeled 'NEW'


- This note is added when Carrier Watch no longer recognizes active insurance, but we have a current insurance certificate on file. Carrier Admin will just need to call the producer/ broker to verify if that insurance is still in force

- Carrier Admin may respond needing current insurance cert




- Recent reports, 1 SVI


- Carrier is approved for one time use, and is put back on DNU until age requirement is met


- Carrier is less than 1 month old. 2 or more SVIs. Internal service failure(s)

- The Carrier Sales Rep may carbon copy the Carrier Sales Manager and Customer Distribution List to their approval request email if they wish, but it is not required


- SMS scores and/or insurance provider ratings do not meet requirements. Carrier can not be booked. 


- Carriers with this safety rating can not be used. Only exception is if Hot load picks within 2 hours and Management has granted approval

- Safety Letter can help, but doesn’t mean automatic approval


- Carrier’s insurance provider(s) rated less than A- and/or carrier’s insurance limits are below requirements: AI less than $1M. Cargo less than $100K

- T1's commercial insurance program only allows the use of carriers with provider ratings A- or better

- Could also be shown as **NOT APPROVED**


- Severe internal service failure(s), requested from ownership


- Used when there were recent reports, but the nature is not serious enough to warrant one time use

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After-Hours Carrier Setup and Approvals

When a carrier sales rep needs a new carrier to be entered into Keypoint, after normal business hours (7:30am – 5:00pm, M – F), they will send the Carrier Setup Template to carrieradmin@ and tracing@

The tracing rep on duty is responsible for Creating the Carrier Record in KeyPoint, confirming receipt of All Required Documents, reviewing the Carrier’s Safety Information, and Verifying the Carrier’s Contact Information

step 1: create the carrier record

1. KeyPoint Dashboard → Records → Carrier Records

2. Click the Import Button

3. Enter the MC Number in the ‘Search For’ box and click the Find Carrier button

a. (Do not click OK if a warning pops up that there are carriers with matching MC/DOT numbers → See Troubleshooting section page 6; Duplicate Carrier Record Warning)

b. Note: MC Numbers are always 6 digits. Leading zero(s) do not have to be included, but there cannot be a space after the last digit when importing or searching

4. Make sure the carrier name matches the setup template

a. If it does not match, skip to step #3 and check to see if there is a Doing Business As (DBA) name

5. Click the Update button

step 2: confirm receipt of all required documents

1. Contract - 7 pages, initialed on all pages and signed on the left side of page 7

a. If there are changes, management approval is needed → Send reply all email and cc the Carrier Sales Manager

2. Insurance Certificate

a. Must have valid expiration date and coverage levels → If not, carrier cannot be booked

i. Auto Liability - $1,000,000

ii. Cargo- $100,000

3. Authority Certificate from the U.S. DOT

a. Must have correct Name and MC Number

4. W-9

a. Must have correct Name, EIN (Employer Identification Number), and Signature

5. References

a. Ok to approve without

b. HOWEVER, carrier MUST provide 3 references (with phone numbers) if their Authority Age is Less than 6 Months (refer to 3b. and 3c. in the next step to determine carrier authority age)


step 3: review information on carrier411

Username: t1trans   PW: T1TRANS1212    Check the boxes to save the Username and Password

1. Enter the MC Number in the Search by Docket Number box (middle box), make sure the carrier name matches the setup template and KeyPoint

2. Click the green ‘Start Monitoring’ button

3. Take note of the SAFETY RATING, authority MAINTAINED time, and if there are any FreightGuard Reports

a. If the SAFETY RATING is CONDITIONAL, that box will be yellow and management approval is required → Send reply all email with the Carrier Sales Manager and the customer distribution list cc’d

i. The customer can be found by entering the order number from the setup template into the Order Entry Full screen

b. If the authority age is 4 months - 5 month the carrier is approved, but cc the Carrier Sales Manger and the customer distribution list and include the following with the carrier code and note of carrier’s age → “Driver Contact and MacroPoint Required”

i. Example: [CARRIER CODE], 4 months old, driver contact and macropoint required

c. If the authority age is 3 months or less management approval is required → Send reply all email with the Carrier Sales Manager and the customer distribution list cc’d

d. If there are any FreightGuard reports within the past 6 months, the carrier is approved, but cc the Carrier Sales Manager and customer distribution list, include "Driver Contact and Macropoint Required" and send a screenshot of the report(s)

i. Click VIEW REPORT then use the Snipping Tool

Windows Start button, type “snip” into the Search bar, select the Snipping Tool program, drag the cursor over the report area. In the Snipping Tool window, select Edit – Copy → Paste into email

step 4: verify the carrier's contact information

***THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!*** Verifying the contact information we are using to contact the carrier, and be contacted by the carrier, is THE best way to prevent fraud, fictitious pick ups, and theft

1. Scroll down to the section ‘FMCSA Contact Information’ and verify the phone number and/or email address matches what was listed in the carrier setup template

a. A matching phone number or email address is sufficient. Both is even better!

b. If matching the email address, also make sure it matches the email address where the setup documents were sent from

step 5: check tia watchdog

1. Search TIA Watchdog by MC Number

a. You will have click the drop down and change to MC from DOT

2. If there are any WatchDog reports within the last 6 months, the carrier is approved, but cc the Carrier Sales Manager and customer distribution list, include “Driver Contact and Macropoint Required" and send a screenshot of the report(s)

a. The date the report was posted is on the right side, by year/month/day. To view the report, click on the Docket# on the left side

step 6: send the carrier code

1. If the carrier has returned all required documents, their contact information matches Carrier411, and their safety rating and age are acceptable, send the Carrier Abbreviation (‘Carrier Code’)  in a reply all email to the carrier sales rep

a. Make sure carrieradmin@ is cc’d

2. If Management Approval is required, only send the Carrier Code to the carrier sales rep after the Carrier Sales Manager has approved the carrier

a. Management Approval is only required for carriers rated Conditional or 3 months old



If Contact Information does not match

1. Call the phone number listed on Carrier411 and confirm the contact name works for the carrier, and verify that person’s phone number and/or email address from the setup template

2. If the documents were faxed, metro fax may have a fax number listed where the file was sent from. This can also be compared with what is listed in Carrier411

3. If you have to call the # on 411 to confirm the contact info, please indicate you did so in the email you send with the carrier code

a. “Called # on 411, contact info verified”

If Carrier Name does not match

1. Check the authority certificate to see if the MC number was typed incorrectly in the setup template

If there are missing Documents

1. Reply back to the carrier rep advising what is missing

2. You can still continue with the rest of the setup process, but only provide the carrier’s code once all documents have been received

If all we need is the Insurance Certificate

1. If the carrier record’s insurance ‘button’ is green, the current insurance certificate can be found on DAT CarrierWatch

2. In the upper right hand corner of the CarrierWatch landing page, enter the carrier’s MC number in the orange box and click go. Make sure the search by is ‘Docket#’

3. On the left side of the page under ‘Jump To Section’, click ‘Insurance Coverage’

4. Click on the 'Acord Symbol' button for Cargo and/or Auto to pull up a copy of the carrier’s insurance certificate

If there are discrepancies with the carrier’s safety rating

SaferSys: This is the government’s website. It will have the most up to date authority rating and review date

1. Search by MC Number. The carrier rating is at the very bottom of the page

Duplicate Carrier Record warning

1. If you import an MC Number and get a warning message that carriers match the MC/DOT number entered, it means there is already a carrier record in KeyPoint for that MC Number.

2. Click the close button and follow these steps:

a. From the Carrier Record screen, click the ‘Clear’ button , then ‘Find’

b. Enter the MC Number in the 'Carrier MC #' box and click ‘Search’.  Double click to open the record


carrier approvals - after hours

Carriers that are Already in the System, but on Do Not Use (DNU)

If a carrier is on DNU, the reason why will be noted with **  ** in the record’s comments tab. This is often due to missing paper work, needing an updated contract or insurance certificate, and other measures Carrier Admin analyzes during the full setup process

It is the responsibility of the Dispatcher on duty to review the reasons why the carrier is on DNU and release for booking if the requirements are met

1. Open the carrier record by copy/pasting the carrier code provided by the carrier sales rep into the Carrier Records screen, and hit tab

2. Click the ‘Comments’ tab

a. Directly under the date (which is the last time that record was updated) you will see notes with **   ** 

3. The Dispatcher on duty is responsible for ensuring receipt of missing documents and checking Carrier411 and TIA Watchdog for the same items as during a new setup (No recent reports, the carrier is Not Conditional, and the carrier is More than 3 months old). If all documents are received and there are no red flags, the carrier can be taken off DNU  








i. Only exception is if the insurance provider is Canal → This is a hard DNU


i. If the xx/xx/xx date has passed, the carrier is more than 6 months old. As long as there are no red flags on 411 or TIA, the carrier may be released

ii. If the carrier is still less than 6 months old, and more than 3 months old, approval may be granted, but cc the Carrier Sales Manager and the customer distribution list and include the following with the approval → “Driver Contact and MacroPoint Required”

Example: 4 months old, driver contact and macropoint required, off for booking

Sometimes we will only be missing a few setup documents, such as the carrier’s authority certificate, or W-9. If this is the case, the carrier may be approved after receipt of the missing documents and checking Carrier 411 and TIA for red flags

Example: **AUTH** =  We need the carrier's Authority certificate

4. If there are red flags; recent reports, conditional safety rating, 3 months old, follow the same steps as during a setup

a. Recent FreightGuard and/or WatchDog Reports – Release for booking, send screenshots of the reports, include “Driver contact and macropoint required”

b. Conditional – Management approval is required

c. 3 months old – Management approval is required

d. The Carrier Sales Manager and the Customer Distribution List should always be cc’d

Manger Approval Needed

1. If the notes include any of the following, manager approval is required before removing the carrier from DNU



Internal Service Failures. They have the following format and are generally at the very top of the comments box








Every time a Dispatcher is performing carrier admin duties, carrieradmin@ must be cc’d to all emails

Carrier411 and TIA Watchdog should be checked before releasing ANY carrier for booking

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