Assigning & Removing Carriers

Assign a New Carrier

1. Carrier must be entered into our system with appropriate paperwork (see Carrier Admin- “Creating a new Carrier Record”)

2. Mark the load “Direct” since it has been covered.   Record as much information as possible about the booking in the Internal Comments Tab if available:

- Carrier Name, Contact Name, Phone Number & Quote

- Type of equipment (i.e. swings, food grade, furniture pads, tarps)

- Location and time of the truck’s unloading appointment

3. Assign the new Carrier to the load

- Send rate confirmation and request that it is signed and sent back.  Follow up and make sure a signed copy has been returned before dispatching the driver.

- Forward any other additional paperwork the Carrier will need in advance of the pick-up.

- Check the pick-up tab for any notes regarding customs paperwork, packing slips, etc.

4. Make an “EA” check call including the below appointment

- Request the Driver’s Name – Cell# TRK# TRL# and enter in the corresponding format.

- Example: Travis-555.666.7777 TRK#888 TRL#12254B


- Location and time of the truck’s unloading appointment.

- Note equipment type (ex. 53V)


Assign an EXISTING Carrier

1. Assign the Carrier to the load

2. Confirm the Contact's email & fax number.  Mark the appropriate contact “Primary” in the Carrier Record in order to populate correctly in the Check Call screen.  Add the contact if it is not currently in the record.  ENSURE THE PHONE NUMBERS MATCH AND ARE VERIFIED.

3. If an error message occurs due to safety or insurance requirements seek approval from

- Mark “Direct” while waiting for system override approval.

4. If a carrier you’d like to use is on “DNU” check the comments tab of the carrier's record to see why they are on DNU. Reasons may include:

- Outdated/missing paperwork (contract, insurance, authority, W-9, etc)

- Bad safety scores

- Bad prior history with Transportation One

- Negative Freight Guard or Watch Dog Reports

5. Send rate confirmation and request that it is signed and sent back.  Follow up and make sure a signed copy is scanned before dispatching the driver.

6. Forward on any other additional paperwork the Carrier will need in advance of the pick-up.

7. Check the pick-up tab for any notes regarding customs paperwork, packing slips, etc.



1. KeyPoint Dashboard → Operations → Utilities → Add/Remove Order 

2. Enter the Load number → hit 'tab'

3. Click Remove Order


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request approval for carriers on dnu

'shell' booking criteria

'one time use' override approval policy

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Carrier Sales Booking

Spot loads

 1. Customer/Account rep can send rate request to carrier rep(s) they choose for a live rate:

- If sent to individual rep a reply must be given w/in 10 min or else a general carrier sales blast can go out

- If sent to reply becomes FCFS for a response and customer rep can accept first or best fit reply for order



Load boards

Assignment Procedures: All loads will be put on the ALL Board once they are ready to be booked. ANY Carrier Rep can book ANY load on the board

- Carrier Rep's Personal Board: Dedicated Carriers who have published pricing in place for our customers (ie. Nation Pizza) or on-going drop trailer business (ie. Whirlpool) will be the ONLY loads assigned to a personal board. If the dedicated carrier does not accept the load within 4 business hours of the load being assigned to them, it must be opened to the ALL Board

T1 Region Map_Carrier Sales.jpg

Region Backhaul Accountability* by Group: 

Regions are designed for each group to develop BACKHAUL capacity into their specific market

- RED TEAM: West Coast, Mountain, and Midwest

- BLUE TEAM: South East

- GREEN TEAM: North East

For Example: Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA - Red Team

                    Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL - Blue Team

Reps must be present in the office until every load is covered in their designated backhaul zone. Rates must be offered to Account Reps and approval must be given from the Carrier Sales Manager to leave the office if loads remain uncovered

*Note: These regions are assigned to create accountability for a given market. Regions will change as more reps and groups are added to the carrier sales team


ALL Board - Booked by Carrier Sales Rep: Loads on the ALL board can be booked by anyone in carrier sales on a FCFS basis

 - MATCHED (locked) status guidelines:

1. Each rep can have 2 loads MAXIMUM in matched status at any moment

2. Loads can be unmatched by account rep or manager if:

3. A carrier is not found for suitable price w/in the below time frame:

a. Non-same day loads = 1 hour

b. Same-day loads = 20 min

4. Offers are not being logged with minimum pace:

a. Non-same day loads = 3 offers logged in 30 min OR 6 offers in 1 hour

b. Same-day loads = 2 offers logged in first 10 min OR 4 offers in 20 min

5. Another carrier rep logs an offer at or below max spend and notifies account rep and matched carrier rep

a. Matched rep then has 5 minutes to match or beat logged offer

- MATCH REQUEST guidelines: Reps can request to be put in queue to be next in line to match any load currently in MATCHED STATUS:

1. Timed stamped request must be entered in internal comments:  Ex “ JF - MATCH REQUEST”

2. Rep may not match another load until fully exited

3. Upon un-matching load, rep must see if there is another rep in line and notify them before exiting order

a. If queued rep is not at desk then the next rep in line must be notified 


Credit for Logging Rate: If offer is logged and same carrier’s rate (even if higher) is later accepted that day, the original rep who logged the offer will get full credit

- Logged offer must include a rate that was declined (ex: cant just log “offered ABC trucking")

- If offer is accepted 1 or more days later, the current rep that has load in matched status gets to book


Fall off / Load bouncing

DEAD BOUNCE (assigned carrier is 100% no longer able to service)

24 hrs+ Prior to Pick

1. Account Owner must be notified via email immediately

2. Carrier rep has 20 minutes to re-book for same rate or less before opening load to ALL board and emailing carriersales@ and bounce@ to notify

Short Notice: Same Day Pick  / Afternoon before Pick

1. The load must immediately be opened load to ALL board and becomes FCFS to whoever can get a suitable replacement first – MATCHED status does not protect load

2. Email blast must be sent to the Account Owner/Customer Group (distributution list), Bounce@, and CarrierManager@ notify of bounce. If also reporting a service failure to be added to the Carrier Record, cc CarrierAdmin@

i. See SOP for reporting service failures for more information → Click Here

ii. The following information must be included in the bounce email

a. Order Number

b. Lane

c. Carrier Code of who is falling off

d. Date/ Time of fall off notification

LIVE BOUNCE (assigned carrier still has a chance of servicing load)

- Live vs. Dead depends on the degree of issue/delay and amount of time until pick up

- Account rep must be notified of potential issue with Bounce@ cc’d

SHORT NOTICE (Dead Bounce occurring same day as pick or afternoon before pick)

- If there is no signed rate confirmation saved, the previous booking rep is not permitted to re-book unless they wish to forfeit commission


Posting loads

Carrier Sales Manager will manage all load postings. Individual reps cannot post loads

- If Carrier Sales Manager is out of office, Customer Sales Manager can approve posts

- If Carrier Sales Manager or Customer Sales Manager approve, the load must be on the ALL board (Free Market)

1. Carrier reps can be MATCHED into loads when posted as long as they are following the minimum guidelines for logging offers. All calls must be directed to MATCHED rep

2. Every inbound “call-in” is FCFS unless it is a relationship carrier, in those cases pass to appropriate carrier sales rep

Carrier Sales Representative can only post load(s) on ALL BOARD if:

-  Permission was given from JF or AL

- Coverage is considered to be urgent by custy/account rep and JT or JF are not available to approve

- If a call comes in for a posted load, the call must be sent to the MATCHED rep

- If MATCHED rep is not able to take the call then another rep can sell load but must give MATCHED rep choice to take commission/book

Top Spends

- No carrier rep can book a truck over a top spend without the approval of JT, JF or specific Customer Rep/Account Manager

- Carrier reps can feel free to inform customer rep of offers that are close to top spend, but cannot book without approval

- Any book at Top Spend or under is an automatic book as long as carrier can meet all pick/delivery, weight, equipment, and other parameters within the load

Weekend / After Hours Booking

- Carrier reps are free to book loads remotely on their own boards or all open board under normal booking SOP’s

- Weekend / after hours spot rates sent to are purely FCFS and booking rep will be awarded full commission if booked

- Carrier reps that book an after-hours load are subject to full tracking and tracing to ensure on-time pick/delivery


suggested template to confirm booking

Use this suggested canned response template when sending carriers the initial rate confirmation. This canned response should increase return rates since it provides specific instructions for the carrier to follow


Please sign and return all pages of the attached rate confirmation prior to your driver taking control of the freight.  Note the specifications and requirements of the load. 

Signed rate cons (all pages) should be returned to me,, or faxed to 312-254-3190. This is required.

If accessorials are accrued, we will issue a revised rate confirmation once the charges are approved. However, you should still send back the signed rate confirmation before pickup. 

Thank you, 

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Load Tracking

EA check call must be entered by booking rep at time of booking, or within 30 minutes of assigning a carrier

- EA Check Call should gather the following information

1. Driver's name, cell phone number, and truck/trailer numbers should be added to the 'Driver' box of the check call screen

a. PRO# acceptable on pre-approved carriers

i. Google Sheets Tracking Spreadsheet → "Carriers Approved for PRO# (in place of Rate Con)"

b. Cell # can only be omitted when 24/7 dispatch is confirmed

2. Up to date city/state location where the driver is getting empty

3. Any other relevant information, for example, "Driver has 10am appt to deliver per Don in dispatch"

- The booking rep is ultimately responsible for entering the driver's Tractor and Trailer numbers to the check call screen. This should be added during the EA Check Call

- If Truck/Trailer information is not available during the EA Check Call, a note must be added

 For Example: EA = DR getting MT in (city/state). Trk/Trl will be assigned day of

- Only if the steps above have been taken, does the responsibility for adding the truck/trailer information fall to the Tracing Rep. The Tracing Rep is then responsible for asking the carrier's dispatcher for this information every time they don't see a PRO# or Truck/Trailer# listed in the 'Driver' box of the Check Call screen.

**If the carrier refuses to provide the required truck/trailer information, the Tracing Rep (or Carrier Sales Rep) is responsible for emailing the Carrier Sales Manager


Pick ups & deliveries

- Support team is primary, rep is secondary

1. Primary contact makes all check calls (EA only exception) call during hours of 06:00 – 22:00 unless otherwise noted

2. Calls must be made to ensure recovery can be secured with able notice (EX: 13:00 pick appt w/ a driver unloading 100 miles out should be confirmed rolling by 10:30)

a. Approaching pick-ups require update 1 hr before pick appt/cutoff(ex 10:00 pick must have update by 09:00)

b. Approaching deliveries require update 1 hr before pick appt/cutoff(ex 10:00 pick must have update by 09:00)

3. Arrived loads (both @ pick and drop) require update 1.5 hrs after arrival call to confirm no detention / loading issues

- Secondary contact (REP) must assist with tracking when BOTH of the below apply: 

1. No reply from carrier after 2 attempted calls to dispatch AND driver cell in 15 min time frame

2. Email sent to primary dispatch contact and no reply in 15 min time frame


In transit

- 1 check call every 24 hrs on loads with more than 2 days transit by support team

- A check call entered at 07:00 to mark a load picked that had an appt from previous day must include a current location and ETA to consignee or does not count as an official in transit call


Weekend tracking

- Reps are still responsible for follow up if potential issue is flagged by after hours support or weekend rep

- Custy specific requirements may require additional tasks if pre-noted


Tracking failures will be recorded when any of the below apply

- EA check call - If required driver information (OR check call when driver info will be entered) is not logged as requested or recorded 30 minutes after load being dispatched

- Lack of contact for tracing is result of rep error (wrong contact info)

- If rep is solicited for support after tracing makes noted attempts and no action is taken by booking rep (including weekend / after hours)

- A “do not track” carrier (due to rep request) fails on service

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Ad-Hoc/Hot Loads Quoting

spot rates from carriers

- When gathering spot rates from Carriers please adhere to the below instructions when responding to requests and quoting customer reps:

1. Confirm carrier has ACTUAL capacity and is not just guessing without having the driver’s approval.

2. Check safety while speaking to dispatch and confirm they meet our safety standards.

a. See “New Carrier Approval Criteria” SOP

b. Note we will not accept conditional carriers for ad hoc loads unless approved beforehand by JFUGMAN or JTEETS

- Reply in the below format IF you have all info:


a. Example:  $1750 / 53’ reefer / empty now in Chicago, IL / driver can only go as low as zero degrees

2. “Other comments” examples would include

a. Driver has a non-standard equipment (48’)

b. Driver is low on hours

c. Anything else that would prevent a typical transit

- Let Carrier know that you are passing along the rate and working on the load

- Call Carrier back in 5-10 minutes to give them an update on the load (i.e. waiting on customer to still approve, customer covered, load got cancelled, etc.)

1. If load is still available, let them know to work on their truck but there is a possibility that load goes, and you will call them immediately


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Days Off - PTO

1. Commission on paid time off - PTO (sick or vacation) will be given based on prorated salary PLUS average daily commission earned, which is calculated using year-to-date (YTD) total commission divided by YTD booking days

2. Any days taken off beyond the allotted vacation and sick time will be unpaid and rep is subject to formal write-up from direct manager

3. Booking loads when on PTO has restrictions

- ALL board is off limits during normal business hours

 - Personal board can be booked at any time

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Relationship Carriers & Dedicated Lanes

to earn new relationship

12 loads delivered within 90 days

- Eligibility is reviewed at the beginning of each quarter for the previous 90 days

- If Relationship status is met mid-quarter, the Carrier Sales Rep should email the Risk & Compliance Manager for confirmation and system updates


Number of loads needed per quarter depends on fleet size. See chart below.

- Fleet size is based solely on the number of power units reported by Carrier411

- All loads booked on a Relationship Carrier count towards the Rep’s total regardless if the Rep is in the office on the day of booking


- Large/National Carriers (750+ power units) can be managed as a Pod with all loads counting toward the Pod’s total to earn or keep the carrier as Relationship

1. If a Pod earns a Large/National Carrier mid-quarter, they should inform their direct manager and the Risk & Compliance Manager for confirmation and system updates


If a Carrier Sales Rep is absent, another rep can book their relationship carrier

- Commission will be split with the booking rep 50/50

1. Carrier Sales Manager will manually adjust commission on the load after being notified of this situation

If multiple reps meet the criteria for the same carrier, the first rep to have their 12th load deliver will earn the carrier as their relationship

Carrier Relationships are analyzed and updated at the beginning of every quarter

Dedicated lanes

A carrier can be dedicated on a lane without being in Relationship status

- Example: Elgin, IL to Muskegon, MI is being booked every week on Rapid Exchange by ZH. Carrier has locked in a year-round rate and ZH has informed Account Management that this carrier can run the lane dedicated

1. ZH does not need Rapid Exchange as a Relationship Carrier in order to keep them as the dedicated carrier for this lane

2. If DD books Rapid Exchange on 12 loads in 90 days on other lanes, ZH will still book them on their dedicated lane and earn normal commission

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do not promise payment without approval

The accessorial may have to be verified and approved by the Customer before payment will be issued

requesting approval:

Most accessorials require approval from the customer before they will be paid. We can not promise a carrier that an accessorial will be paid/reimbursed without first knowing that T1 will be paid by our customer. Otherwise, T1 risks losing money to the carrier

Carrier Sales Reps must look at the in/out times, lumper amount, etc. and make sure it matches the load, amount being requested, and that it is within the threshold of customer's requirements before sending along to the customer rep and billing department for approval

Canned Response: Accessorial Approval

To: Customer Distribution List

Subject: Accessorial Approval Request / [Order#] / [Lane]


ORDER #: 55042

Detention at SHIPPER or CONS?: Cons

FREE TIME = 2 hours                                                                                        


IN (per POD): 0900

OUT (per POD): 1345





Detention at SHIPPER or CONS?: 

FREE TIME = ___ hours per Customer's comments tab (assume 2 hours if not listed) 


IN (per POD): 

OUT (per POD): 



who is responsible for asking if there were any accessorial charges?

The person who marks the load as "Delivered" in Keypoint is always responsible for asking if there were any accessorial charges; at pickup and delivery location(s).

1. If the carrier says "Yes" → Note the amount and person's name in the check call notes

2. If the carrier says "No" → Note that there were no additional charges, per [the person's name] in the check call notes



Pre-Approved Lumper Amounts

For accounts with pre-approved lumper amounts listed, confirm lumper amount shown on receipt is equal to or less than the amount pre-approved by the customer (i.e Aldi)

Lumper is Equal To or Less Than customer approved amount: Carrier Sales Rep may add the lumper to the rate confirmation. No prior approval required

Lumper is Greater Than customer approved amount: Immediately notify the Customer Sales Rep/ Account Manager and

Driver Unload/Assist occurs: Verify that the service was pre-approved.  The service must be noted on the bills, or supplemental documentation must be provided

no pre-approved lumper amounts (Most accounts)

Follow instructions for Accessorial Approval Requests, above. Once the Customer Sales Rep/Account Manager approves the lumper, the Carrier Sales Rep may add it to the rate confirmation as a separate charge


Non-Lumper Accessorials

Detentions/Pallets/Late Fees/Stop Charges

Notify Customer Sales Rep/Account Manager immediately upon occurrence

Dentention: Notification must be sent before detention begins to accrue. This give the customer the opportunity to step in and help expedite. Be aware of customer-specific free time; detention may not be approved if customer-specific rules are not followed. 

- Ensure you have the BOL and/or POD with in & out times clearly written: These are required for detention approval

Pallet Charges: Ensure you have the receipt

Once the Customer Sales Rep/Account Manager approves the additional charge(s) in writing, you may add it to the rate confirmation as a separate charge

Carrier reps cannot approve any accessorials under any circumstance unless approved by the Customer Rep/Account Manager in writing


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Policy for Texting Drivers

Employees of Transportation One shall never knowingly text a driver if that person is actively operating/driving their motor vehicle

EVERY TIME a text is sent, it must be preceded by “PLEASE ONLY READ WHEN SAFE"

Texts May ONLY be Sent for the Following Topics:

- ComCheck Numbers

- Driving Directions

- Status Updates → Only after all other attempts have been made to obtain a status update have failed

When a request for a text message has been made over the phone, the Transportation One employee should advise that the text message only be read when safe and lawful to so

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Rate Confirmation Return Policy  

All rate confirmations for full truck load orders should be signed by a representative of the transporting carrier and returned before the load is picked up. All returned rate confirmations should be sent or forwarded to

Rate Confirmations should be signed and returned to prove receipt and acceptance of the load's requirements and specifications. Rate Confirmations are used as supporting evidence of carrier responsibilities in the event of a cargo claim. 

At Initial Booking: When the Carrier Sales Rep emails the rate confirmation to the carrier, they should include in the body of the email a notice such as, "Please sign and return all pages prior to loading".

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Carrier Billing

All complete invoices (invoice, POD, plus any receipts) must be submitted by the Carrier directly to or, depending on preferred payment method. Quick Pay incurs convenience fees paid by the carrier. 

Standard Payment is 30 days from receipt of all required paperwork

Invoices forwarded from the Carrier Sales Rep or Tracing will not be processed

Carrier reps are still encouraged to forward all ad hoc paperwork to AP@, ie. PODs, Accessorial Receipts, and BOLs

Quick Pay Fees: 

1. Quick Pay by Physical Check: 5% fee of the total balance due

- Example: Invoice $1000 - $50 (5% quick pay fee) = Payment of $950

2. Quick Pay by Comcheck: 5% fee of the total balance + $5 per $500 tier of the total amount due

- Example: Invoice $1000 - $50 (5% quick pay fee) - $10 ($5 per $500 tier Comcheck fee) = Payment of $940

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