Creating a New Carrier Record

Import the mc number

Keypoint Dashboard → Records → Carrier Records → Import 

Copy/Paste the MC number from the New Carrier Setup Template into 'Search For' → click 'Find Carrier'

 [Keypoint pulls the carrier's data from DAT Carrier Watch:]

NOTE: The first line of the Carrier Record on the Name/Address tab should always reflect the Carrier's DBA name (Doing Business As). For example, if their legal name is "1254576 Ontario Inc," but are doing business as "Mark's Trucks," the first line of the Carrier Record should read MARK'S TRUCKS. The address should be moved down one space, and the carrier's legal name should be added directly below their DBA name. 

enter contact information

Department is always 'Operations'

Check 'Primary' box → Tab all the way through

Click 'update'

go to the insurance tab

Remember the Cargo and Liability insurance carriers

If the Cargo amount is greater than $100,000 → Put '+' in Flag 2 on the Information tab

go to the comments tab

Copy and paste the comments tab template, check the Comment Flag box

Add Insurance Providers and their AMBest ratings: [Insurance Scores Tracking Spreadsheet or]

If rating is B++ or worse 









go to the Name/Address tab → Copy MC# → Paste in CARRIER411, TIA WATCHDOG, and NEW CARRIER setups TRACKING SPREADSHEET

Tracking Spreadsheet → Add date, copy and paste the carrier's code

TIA Watchdog

If report dated within past 6 months, enter comments


XX/XX/XX: [copy/paste, or summarize comments] CARRIER RESPONSE- [copy/paste, or summarize comments] or 'NO RESPONSE FROM CARRIER'


Click the 'Start Monitoring' button, then go to the end of the page and scroll up

FMCSA Authority Status

1. Less than 6 months old?

i. Yes → Add beneath [DATE] **LESS THAN 6 MONTHS OLD**- UNTIL XX/XX/XX

FMCSA Carrier Safety Rating

1. Add Safety Rating next to RATING

BASIC Performance Measure Percentile Scores (ie. SMS Scores)

1. Default is N/A

2. If any Percentile Score is 90 or higher, remove N/A and add details

i. Example: SMS VEHICLE MAIN 92.8%

a. Categories should be written as follows: UNSAFE DRIVING, HOSC, VEHICLE MAIN, CONTROLLED SUB, DRIVER FITNESS

3. If 2 scores are over 90, but only one is in HOSC or Unsafe Driving → Approved for use

4. If BOTH HOSC and Unsafe Driving are over 90 → NOT Approved → Put carrier on DNU

i. Example: HOSC 94.3%, UNSAFE DRIVING 92.6%**

ii. Add beneath [DATE] **NOT APPROVED**- SCORES

5. 3 or more scores over 90 in any category → NOT Approved → Put carrier on DNU

i. Add beneath [DATE] **NOT APPROVED**- SCORES

FMCSA SMS BASIC Performance Measures

1. Any Serious Violation Indicators?

i. If yes, add to SMS

a. Example: SMS HOSC 93.2%, CONTROLLED SUB SVI**

ii. Add SVI details from link 'View Complete SMS Profile'


iii. 1 SVI → Add beneath [DATE] **ONE TIME USE**- SVIs → Put on DNU after booking

iv. 2 or more SVIs → Add beneath [DATE] **APPROVAL NEEDED**- SVIs

SmartWay Transport Partner (right side of the screen)

1. Add to SMARTWAY → YES or NO

i. If YES → add an “S” to the third flag box on the Information tab.  This is for reporting purposes.

Fleet Overview (right side of the screen)

1. Power Units → Add to Information Tab in 'Number Units' box

                    Goal: memorize safety rating, smartway, and                     power units, then add to carrier record

FMCSA Contact Information

1. Cross-reference contact info provided in setup template

2. Phone number, email address, and/or fax number match? Where was the paperwork sent from?

i. If nothing matches, cross-reference from General Information Form

a. Still no matches? → Call phone number listed on Carrier411 and verify the contact person in the setup template actually works for the carrier, or dispatches for them.

b. Goal is to verify the carrier is who they claim to be; no one has stolen the carrier's identity

3. Update spreadsheet columns- Monitoring on 411? And Phone# Verified?

FreightGuard Reports

1. Located in the top right corner of the screen

2. If report is less than 180 days old, read and determine if transgression(s) are Serious → If Serious, add beneath [DATE] **ONE TIME USE**- RECENT REPORT → Put on DNU after booking

i. Enter the report comments at the end of the Comments Tab notes


XX/XX/XX: [copy/paste, or summarize reported comments] CARRIER RESPONSE- [copy/paste, or summarize response from reported company] or 'NO RESPONSE FROM CARRIER'

3. If there are 3 or more reports within the past 180 days → Not Approved / Management approval is required

4. If reports are older than 180 days → Approved

download attachments from gmail

Combine all files into one PDF with the setup packet/contract first

Verify All Documents and Required Information has been submitted

1. References (Broker/Trade, at least 3)

2. Contract (All 7 pages, initialed and signed)

i. Any Changes to the Contract?

a. Yes: Summarize at end of comments tab under 'CONTRACT CHANGES'

- Add **CONTRACT CHANGES** beneath [DATE] → Notify the Risk & Compliance Manager

- The Risk & Compliance Manager will review the changes and determine if they are acceptable. If changes are not acceptable, carrier can not be used. Negations between Risk & Compliance Manager and the Carrier's legal counsel may be required. See Risk & Compliance Manger for more information

3. Authority (Issued by US DOT)

i. Must have correct name, MC number, and effective date

4. W-9 (Or equivalent; W-8)

i. Must have correct name, address, EIN and Signature

5. Insurance Certificate

i. Must have valid expiration date and coverage levels

ii. If carrier is hauling a Refrigerated “Reefer” load they must have Reefer Breakdown coverage

6. CARB Addendum

i. Required for all carrier based in California, or any carrier moving a load on California roadways

ii. Add ‘CARB ADDENDUM ON FILE’ below references section

a. Example:



Save paperwork to paperwise

Save file to \\trans-srv\data\Shared\Carrier Paperwork. Name should be the Carrier Code

Go to the External Hard Drive, open the file and print to ‘Print to Paperwise’

Open KeyPoint. From the Carrier Record → Documents button → Index with Send To

1. Paperwise Program → Doc Type drop down → Pick appropriate option → Click 'Current' at bottom of page to save

i. If all required docs are in one file → Choose 'Contract'

ii. If authority, insurance, and W-9 only → Choose 'Authority'

iii. NOTE: Only save an insurance certificate as 'Insurance' if T1 is listed as certificate holder with our correct address

a. Sample certificates should be saved with blank doc type

iv. If CARB Addendum Only → Choose ‘Contract’


At least 3 references must be provided by the carrier. They will either be on the General Information Form, included in the carrier's documents, added in a separate file, or copy/pasted into the email chain

1. References are only required to be called and recorded if the carrier is 3 months old or less. Multiple calls/attempts may be required. It is Carrier Admin’s discretion to call references for carriers with other ‘red flags’ (contact info questionable, high scores, SVIs, etc.)

i. "When was the carrier setup with you/ How long have you been working with them?"

ii. "How many loads have they moved for you?"

iii. "Would you say they are reliable/ Have you had any issues with them hauling your loads?"

iv. Record the name of the person giving the reference

v. Reference details should be in this format: Person Name @ Carrier Name: Reference Notes

2. T1 is looking for broker or trade references, not credit or bank references

i. No truck repair/service centers

Backup References if carrier-provided references are unreachable

CH Robinson: 800-326-9977 options 1, 3, 3 

Allen Lund: 800-811-0083

Sunteck: 800-759-7910 x6

Giltner: 208-644-9090 x3

Jerue: 863-607-5693 / 800-333-0952

Scott Logistics: 706-314-1263

XPO: 855-744-7976 x9

Canned Response: Reference Request

Subject: Reference Request for [CARRIER NAME] ( [MC #] )


Transportation One is requesting a carrier reference for [CARRIER NAME] out of [CITY, STATE]. If you could please answer the following questions that would be wonderful. Please respond to this email, direct to, or fax to 312-284-4946. Thank you!

1. Active in your system? Y/N

2. Set up date- xx/xx/xx

3. # Loads hauled- xxx

4. Most recent load- xx/xx/xx


5. Reliable? Y/N

6. Any major issues?

7. Any other comments?

Click UPDATE to Save

completing the setup

Once references have been called, contact info verified, Carrier411 checked, and all paperwork received → email the carrier sales rep the Carrier Code

1. Carrier Code Format: First 3 letters of the carrier name + First two letters of the city + State abbreviation

i. Example: Transport Carrier, Inc in Township, Missouri = TRATOMO

ii. Auto-populated in Keypoint, can not be changed


Update the remaining fields in the

New Carrier Setups Tracking Spreadsheet

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