What We Do

Transportation One is a full-service, multi-modal logistics provider dedicated to meeting the demands of the transportation industry. Our innovative, energetic team understands the constantly evolving needs of shippers and carriers alike. We invest heavily in cutting-edge technology and experienced logistics professionals, allowing us to deliver superior service to all of our clients.

Our Mission

At Transportation One, we provide worry-free shipping services at prices that won’t bleed your wallet. We build mutually beneficial relationships with each customer so that at the end of the day everyone goes home happy. We operate in both domestic and international marketplaces, introducing innovative solutions for every supply chain we encounter.  




Founding members Jake Fugman and Jamie Teets lead their team to success with proactive management and their extensive background in the logistics industry. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, which means we hire excellent employees who exceed expectations at every turn. We know that all work and no play makes for an unhappy office, so our team also engages in intramural sports and company happy hours. There’s a basketball hoop on the wall, a nerf-gun at every desk, and no dress-code to speak of. While the attire here may be causal, the service is certainly not; the relaxed atmosphere at Transportation One creates unparalleled enthusiasm and job satisfaction, mitigating distractions so we can go above and beyond for every single client.

Since Transportation One’s first day in business we have grown twenty times larger by revenue. With that sort of exponential growth, it’s no wonder we've been on the Inc 5000 three years in a row.


Meet The Owners

Jamie Teets

Jamie Teets hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graduated from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, majoring in Operations Management and Marketing. His family has a long history in the Automotive and Manufacturing industries, so Jamie began to learn about the business early in life. He worked summer jobs on the manufacturing floor as well as in the Engineering, Sales, Forecasting, and Supply Chain departments. This gave him a solid, diverse professional foundation that has allowed him to become a knowledgeable and successful businessman.

Jamie demonstrated great ambition, as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit, when he co-founded Transportation One LLC in 2010. With over ten years of experience in transportation brokerage, Jamie’s vision was to build one of the fastest growing and most profitable Third Party Logistics companies in the country. With six years of his dedicated work so far, Transportation One is well on its way to achieving Jamie’s impressive goals.

Not only does Jamie run an efficient brokerage, he also focuses on encouraging outstanding performance and loyalty from his associates by offering them limitless opportunities to excel in the industry. One of the pillars of Transportation One revolves around fostering constant growth. There is always more to be done. There are always better ways to do it. Jamie seeks out employees who will go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction and building lasting client relationships.

Jamie is a huge fan of all Detroit’s major league sport teams as well as those from his alma mater and Michigan State University. In the summer of 2015, he married his longtime girlfriend Lindsey. They welcomed a baby boy into the world the following spring. 


Jake Fugman

Born and raised in Illinois, Jake Fugman is a quintessential Chicagoan. He has strong connections to his city roots, and stays very close with his family and friends.

Jake began his professional life as a caddie at the tender age of thirteen. His years of hard work through middle and high school resulted in him earning a Chick Evans Scholarship Award for exceptional moral character and leadership potential. He graduated from Indiana’s Kelley School of business, and quickly became a top carrier sales rep at a pioneering Chicagoland Freight Brokerage.

He further honed his logistical skills when he opened the first Chicago branch office for one of the nation’s leading asset-based carriers. Jake immersed himself in all aspects of freight and management, which has made him an extremely knowledgeable leader. Though his main focus is carrier sales, Jake has also accrued vast experience in customer sales and operations. By exposing himself to the top performers in each field, Jake has learned the ins and outs of the transportation business like they are second nature.

Jake’s contagious work ethic and extensive freight background has helped to create a winning, highly energetic culture at Transportation One. As a co-founder, Jake strives to grow the company on a daily basis. He insists upon operating with innovative, cutting-edge technology to keep Transportation One’s competitive edge. With a focus on detail and a never-quit attitude, Jake leads by example as Transportation One’s success story continues to unfold.

Jake is an avid Blackhawks fan and golferbest known for patenting his famous "putting out of the sand" technique. He actively participates in the Transportation One intramural beach volleyball team. Jake and his wife, Karen, will be celebrating four years of marriage this November.