What We Do

Transportation One is a non-asset transportation brokerage offering full-service, multi-modal logistics solutions dedicated to meeting the demands of the transportation industry. Our innovative, energetic team understands the constantly evolving needs of shippers and carriers alike. We invest heavily in cutting-edge technology and experienced logistics professionals, allowing us to deliver superior service to all of our clients.

Our Mission

At Transportation One, we arrange worry-free shipping services that are cost effective, consistent, committed and reliable. We never give loads back and we never provide paper rates. We build mutually beneficial relationships with each customer so that at the end of the day everyone goes home happy. We operate in both domestic and international marketplaces, introducing innovative solutions for every supply chain we encounter.  



How T1 Grew Up

Transportation One CEO Jamie Teets founded the company in 2010, and set out to build a high growth, well-respected transportation brokerage supported by cutting edge, proprietary technology. Profitable since inception – including through the early bootstrap years – Transportation One remains a fastest-growing business in the freight industry. The company has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for five straight years.

If you ask him how he made it happen, Teets credits a foundation of hard work and a drive to learn from the best – including his grandfather, a successful entrepreneur, and his alma mater, the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

He’s laid the foundation and now wants Transportation One to grow bigger, faster and stronger, with investments in talent and technology at the core of his strategy to maintain exponential growth.

Since Transportation One’s first day, it grew twenty times larger by revenue. With that sort of exponential growth, sustainability is paramount. Along with cultivating a top-notch workforce, Teets sees technology as a core investment vehicle for Transportation One.

Teets’ early-adoption of proprietary technology will sustainably accelerate the next phase of the business and ensure it remains at the top of the freight industry.

“We are scaling the organization with some of the best talent in the industry while continuing to provide the most efficient, effective, service-oriented solutions and processes for our customers, hired independent contractor motor carriers and employees,” said Teets. “Investing in technology and talent is paramount to our continued success and growth, and where we believe we can become an extremely valuable and viable solutions provider."